Are you ready to begin advertising your medical practice? If so, you should make sure that you understand the law. Making the wrong decisions when you’re advertising can lead to fines, and may even expose you to civil lawsuits. This short guide will cover some of the important issues that may come up when you’re … Read more

Content marketing is a type of marketing that uses high-quality content assets such as articles, videos, or infographics to attract interest. Unlike traditional marketing, it does not often advertise directly. Instead, the content is meant to create interest or leave an impression of the brand. Medical practices can achieve great results with content marketing. In … Read more

Organizing your marketing efforts into a strategy can help you focus on your healthcare organization’s most important problems. Not every organization has the same priorities, however. Some have a lot of patients but issues with maintaining a sterling reputation. Others have services that aren’t as well known as their other services. The following strategies are … Read more

Plastic surgery practices depend on marketing to find new clients and interest past clients in the most exciting new procedures. If you have had trouble drawing in new patients lately, it may be because you just need to refresh the way that you market your services.  In this guide, you’re going to learn tips that … Read more

4 Elements Of Medical Website Marketing (+ Why You Need It)

Your website needs to be the foundation of your online marketing efforts, but before it can do that, you need to make it into an asset that’s powerful in its own right. The best way to do that is to apply the tactics and principles of website marketing. In this short guide, you’re going to … Read more

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