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What are Landing Pages for Doctors?

Targeted landing pages are essential for a true patient funnel (the path the patient takes from clicking the ad to your office). A great landing page is the difference between mediocre and GREAT results. Landing pages created for a specific search and has wording on it related to the search. The more specific you can get a landing page to what the user is looking for, the higher conversion rates you’ll see. A landing page is considered a standalone web page. Put simply; it is where the visitor ‘lands’ after they have clicked on a paid link or advertisement about your Medical Practice, such as in a Google AdWords campaign. The landing page is designed to have to have a single call to action and works to convert leads into new patients. We’ve had LASIK candidate landing pages with a conversion rate as high as 80% while industry standard is around 5%. 

With paid search campaigns, you can choose where the user lands and a landing page is the ideal space to give compelling calls to action such as arranging a consultation, making an appointment or signing up to your mailing list. With your landing page, you can aim for simplicity, with few links which do not distract the user like a typical web page does.

Why Physicians should use Landing Pages?

To see the effects of paid ad and search campaigns, you need a landing page which makes it easy for potential patients to understand your business, answer any questions they may have and make it easy to get in contact with your practice. With users looking for the quickest and easiest way to complete tasks, your landing page should be simple and efficient with a convenient call to action such as filling in details to request a callback or even booking a free consultation.

How we help.

What sets us apart is we focus on landing pages. We build landing pages specifically for the words that patients are searching for, so for example our “LASIK Cost” and “LASIK Candidate” pages would look different and focus on content specific to what the potential patient is searching for. Don’t just send a potential patient to your website, target them specifically. We continually test to get more conversions from the landing pages.

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