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We can provide great Google paid search results for any medical practice.

Google Paid Search Ads can be a great addition to any medical practice. In the case of the physician practice that we are reviewing here, there was over a 100% increase in patient consults from the pay per click Google Ads Campaign.


This medical practice wanted to move some marketing money around and since it was their busy season decided that TV would be a great way to spend money. Their TV spend in a week was almost as much as the Google Ads Campaign in a month. The result in the first week of the change was a drop of consults by half and within two weeks of changing back the Google ads, saw the patient consult numbers double and go back to their normal volume.

Why does Google Ads work for medical practices?

  • Its targeted to the patient that is searching for your services.
  • You can re-target people interested in your services.
  • There is continual testing and optimization.

Why do we get such great results with Google Ads for Healthcare

We do better than industry standard when it comes to our Google PPC paid search. How do we accomplish this? 

  • Dedicated to healthcare – we understand terms and what patients are searching for and we understand your practice.
  • Keyword Grouping – your keywords are grouped together in a way that allows us to tailor your ads and landing pages to the potential patients searching for medical care.
  • Negative keyword list – your campaign gets our already extensive (hundred of words) keywords list. There are hundreds of keywords that you don’t want your ads showing up for. We block all of these keywords in your campaign so the traffic we get for you is hyper focused.
  • Conversion Optimization – your ads and landing pages are tested to see what works from wording, to images, to colors and everything in between.
  • Dedicated Landing Pages – your landing pages will be created and worded to match the potential patients searching for medical care. 
  • Optional Patient Lead Magnet and Email Drip – we go the extra step in patient conversions and offer a list or ebook that is created for your practice so patients are getting something in return for filling out the contact form.
  • Always Testing – your paid search campaign will be tested continuously to get the best return. Does your paid search campaign get the best return from mobile vs desktop? Is there a certain time of day? We test all these variables on your account.
  • Optimization for Conversions – your paid search campaign will be optimized so that the keywords and search phases that are bringing in patients are the ones that get the highest budget. We like to be highly focused on Google Ad Campaigns so that its bringing your practice the right types of patients.

Result :

Twice the number of patient consults for more than half the price of traditional media.

Do you want to fill your patient schedule?

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