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Patients Are Searching Online, Are They Finding You or Your Compitition?

Patients are searching the internet now more than ever. They go online searching for symptoms, treatments and most importantly for physicians.

We don't do long term contracts. We want to earn you as a client every month and not have a contract be what our relationship is built on.

-Devin McHatten

Online Medical Marketing Packages from Telos Digital Marketing


We’re unique in that we offer packages that not many other medical marketing firms offer. We use proven techniques from other industries and apply them to healthcare marketing. Most firms don’t specialize in healthcare marketing and don’t know medical terminology and why and how medical specialties are so different and intricate.

Paid Search for Physicians

Medical paid search has the advantage of being highly targeted and customizable to find the types of patients that make your practice profitable.

  • Google Ads for Heatlhcare
  • Facebook Ads Re-targeting
  • Landing Page Creation for Optimized Conversions
  • Ongoing Optimization

Medical SEO

Organic search is something all medical practices need to be focusing on. In order to be relevant in local Google searches, physicians need to invest in SEO (search engine optimization)

  • Local SEO
  • Google My Business Management
  • Blogs
  • Reviews
  • Onsite Technical SEO
  • Web Citations and Links

Website Conversions

Website conversions and optimization is something that most marketing and web design companies forget to focus on. What good is getting clients to your website if they aren't calling or sending contact information?

  • Engaging Patient Content Creation
  • Email Campaigns
  • Call Tracking

We help physicians practices grow.

Healthcare experience where it matters

Telos Digital Marketing is focused on helping you create a marketing plan that works for your practice. We have experience in healthcare so we understand the unique needs of physicians practices.

Innovative. Experienced. Healthcare only.

Telos Digital Marketing is focused solely on making physician and medical practices more profitable by working with you to develop a online marketing plan and presence that works for your medical practice. Whether you’re a smaller practice that needs to focus on growth or you’re an established practice that is looking to expand, we can help your practice capture patients online.

General Questions

Healthcare and medical paid search is any website where you pay money to get in front of potential patients. Examples of this are at the very top of a Google web search in the “ad” section.  It’s usually the top 3-4 results of the search. Another less known way of utilizing paid search is with Facebook and on other websites through Adroll. All of these forms of marketing have the advantage of being highly targeting, customizable and have a high level of ongoing optimization so they become better with time. A way to almost guarantee to be on page 1 of Google searches.

We install small bit of code on your website so that we can send ads back to people who have visited your site. It is all anonymous, so there is no worry that we are collecting data. Paid and organic search sends people to your site initially and re-targeting helps keep you in the front of mind.

Organic search is SEO (search engine optimization) and is the practice or art of moving your website up in Google searches. Ideally your medical practice should be on the first page of Google for searches related to your specialty, and if possible in spot 1-3. Paid search is an almost guaranteed way to get to the top of Google searches but organic takes a little more patience. Organic search also involves getting into the map section of Google, which can be a little difficult to do since Google searches are highly dependent on location and relevancy.

Yes. People are using the internet and cell phones more and more each day and the best way to get in front of the right type of potential patients is to start marketing online.

Google My Business

Local SEO

Paid Search Ads

Medical SEO

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The right healthcare marketing can help you get there.

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