About Telos Digital Marketing


Diverse Approach

We know how to market and get patients to your medical practice utilizing a wide range of marketing tactics.

Professional Team

We've been working in healthcare since 2005.

Expert Advice

We work only with medical practices and understand how medical clinics are run.

Result Based

No long term contracts and completely results based.

Devin is a former healthcare executive with over 15 years of experience who saw small and medium medical practices struggling to compete with the larger hospital and corporate practices so he started a business to help them become more competitive. He had spent over 20 years working with computers so digital marketing was a perfect fit to blend his knowledge of healthcare with his experience of computers and the internet.

The goal of Telos Digital Marketing is to give medical practices the visibility they need online. Telos is a boutique-style marketing firm that takes great care of their clients. Devin had seen many healthcare companies and medical practices being underserved and overcharged without seeing any real result by large advertising agencies so the goal of Telos is to provider exceptional customer service and results at rates any medical practice can afford.

We only work with Healthcare organizations

Knowing your business inside and out is essential for your partner in medical marketing. That’s why we specialize in healthcare and only healthcare. We have the advantage of knowing the industry better than most marketing agencies do.

Do you want to fill your patient schedule?

Telos Digital Marketing is focused on helping you create a marketing plan that works for your medical practice. We have experience in healthcare so we understand the unique needs of physicians practices. Telos Digital Marketing is focused solely on making physician and medical practices more profitable by working with you to develop an online marketing plan and presence that works for your medical practice. Whether you’re a smaller practice that needs to focus on growth or you’re an established practice that is looking to expand, we can help your practice capture patients online.”

Telos Digital Marketing comprises a team of tech-savvy, forward-thinking, and innovative individuals who have experience in the health sector, thus, making them the right pick of individuals to represent the interest of medical practitioners. As a full-service Healthcare Digital Marketing company, the team of professionals understands that each client has specific demands, and as such, offers personalized services aimed at improving patient engagement, the medical practice popularity, brand awareness, conversion rate, and overall return on investment.


We are trusted by Healthcare Clients

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