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What is Facebook Re-Targeting?

Use Facebook to serve ads to patients that have already visited your website. 

Facebook Re-marketing works by using cookies. When a user visits your website, cookies then ‘tag’ the user. This tag means your ads can then follow the user on social media and other websites. Facebook re-marketing works by tagging or following users that interact with your brand or visit your website. Your ad will then feature through their Facebook feed to remind them of why they visited your site and encourage further interaction and conversion.

Why do Physicians need re-target marketing?

In one study, 41% of people said that social media would affect their choice of physician. Facebook has a vast audience which has led the marketplace to become increasingly competitive. By adopting Facebook re-marketing strategies, you can stay at the forefront and ensure your website and adverts get seen by high-quality leads to convert them into new patients.

How we help.

We’ve tested a lot of Facebook ads and know what works. Engage potential patients often and keep your practice on the front of their mind. We help create content for your website and share it on Facebook helping you become the expert you are.

Starting at $250 per month + Ad Spend

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