Physician Reviews

Make Sure Potential Patients Know How Great You Truly Are

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What are Patient Reviews for Physician Offices?

Automated reviews that send to patients every week. Just send us a file of appointments for the week and we will upload them to our system that automatically sends out email and text messages asking your patients to leave a review on Google and several other sites you specify.

Why Physicians Should Use Patient Reviews?

A few bad reviews can ruin a reputation. Instead of playing catch up when that happens focus on getting patients that like you already to leave a review. You know tons of your patients love you so ask for a review.

How we help.

Contact us to help you automate patient review process. Every medical practice will get a negative review at some point, but the important thing is to engage happy patients to leave positive reviews before that happens. Make sure that reviews are a part of your Medical SEO marketing plan.

85% of consumers trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation.

Patient physician reviews for medical marketing

Starting at $100 per month per office location

Do you want to fill your patient schedule?

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