Plastic Surgery Marketing: How to Get More Patients to Your Plastic Surgery Clinic

Plastic Surgery Marketing: How to Get More Patients to Your Plastic Surgery Clinic

Whether you’re a physician or practice administrator, you’re almost certainly aware that the demand for your services is booming.

The trouble is, this growing market means other practices are working hard to impress prospective patients – so if you don’t stand out, you’ll quickly find yourself left behind.

At Telos Digital Marketing, we are patient acquisition specialists who work with plastic surgery clinics to make sure the right people know about your business. We use proven solutions to put you on the map, attract new patient inquiries, grow your practice, and make the most out of every dollar you spend on marketing.

Search Engine Optimization for Plastic Surgeons


Local SEO

Your clinic meets customers face-to-face – and because of that, Google considers you to be a ‘local business’. When customers search for cosmetic surgery clinics in your area or state, they will always see local businesses first; presented on a map at the top of the results page. More information on local SEO Plastic Surgery Clinics.

This makes local SEO an absolutely vital part of your marketing approach. After performing a local business search, 72% of users visit a company within 5 miles of where they were searching. Our local SEO services make sure that people in your area see your business first.

Local SEO starts with how your business is represented on Google. We’ll make sure your ‘My Business’ listing fits with exactly what Google is looking for. Of course, it’s not just the business information that we offer to Google that matters; there’s also a host of technical requirements that search engines will check too – making sure their users get the best possible experience when they use your website.

When we’ve made sure your website is performing as it should, we’ll make sure your business information is consistent everywhere it might be found – from business directories to social media pages. Establishing customer trust is paramount – and making sure your brand is accurately represented across the web is an important piece of the puzzle.

National SEO

It’s not uncommon for patients to travel across the state or even come from out-of-state if they feel you can provide the service they’re looking for. This is why it’s important to feature on Google for more than just local searches. Our strategies will help you stand out to Google and customers as a national authority in your field.

Making ‘Paid Search’ Work for your Plastic Surgery Practice

Looking for a shortcut to the top of search engines? Paid search is exactly that – paying Google to appear in the ‘ad’ listings when customers search for the services you provide.

If you’ve used paid search as part of your marketing efforts, you’ll already know that it can be time-consuming and enormously expensive to get right – but when you work with the team here at Telos, you get up-to-the-minute knowledge about exactly what works and how to maximize your budget.

It’s not just Google paid search we excel at either. We work with you to pinpoint precise audience demographics, then, we’ll target customers on their preferred platforms:

Social media marketing for plastic surgeons

Not only do 74% of consumers use social media to research purchasing decisions – 80% of new patients begin their cosmetic surgery fact-finding on social platforms.

Building social media into your marketing plan attracts the right kind of attention, builds brand awareness, and significantly increases referrals – even from people who have not used your practice.

Social platforms also offer incredible opportunities to advertise to their users – with the chance to create a range of audience profiles with individual ads tailored to each. Again, it’s more than likely that you’ll waste money and opportunities if you get social advertising wrong – but with the depth of experience here at Telos, we can pinpoint the right audiences, put together effective adverts, and continually split-test different approaches to ensure the very best return on your investment.

Google AdWords (pay-per-click)

Understanding your audiences’ search habits will help us to make sure we’re targeting the search terms they’re using.

What’s more, we will assess the performance of these pay-per-click (PPC) plastic surgery ads daily – continually optimizing to make your budget is being used in the most effective way possible.

YouTube Advertising

Video advertising is extremely powerful. YouTube currently has more than a billion users – and every single day, those users consumer over one billion hours of video.

We can help you access this huge audience through Google Ads – and we can make sure your adverts are being seen before or during the right kind of videos. We also know which kind of adverts your audience will actually watch – so if you don’t know your bumper instream ads from your overlay ads, the team here at Telos will make sure YouTube advertising experience is lucrative for your clinic.

Audience Re-targeting

Plastic surgery isn’t an impulse buy, and potential new patients rarely becoming paying customers after their first interaction with your business.

This is why we work with the industry’s most sophisticated re-targeting systems to make sure your practice subtly stays at the forefront of customer’s minds as they continue to use the internet. Seeing your business name and branding in multiple locations builds brand awareness and cements a customer’s confidence that you’re a business that can be trusted.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essensial part of getting patients in you door. By automating your email marketing you can react patients soon after they fill out an online form as well as nurture anyone that is not wanting an appointment right away.

Boosting Plastic Surgeon Marketing with Patient Testimonials and Online Reviews

Increasingly, the most prominent search results for any company include Google’s five-star scale to rank a company’s performance. Marketing industry studies estimate that 92% consumers read online reviews – and 68% state that positive reviews influence their feelings of trust. Needless to say, people do not want to see low scores when they’re dealing with cosmetic surgery practices.

There’s an art to managing your online reputation – and at Telos Digital Marketing, we’ve perfected that art.

We base our strategy around one of the most important (but also one of the most often-neglected) aspects of customer service – the follow-up. Marketing for plastic surgery businesses too often just focuses on new customer acquisition – with little or no consideration for existing inquiries or previous patients. By devoting more time and allocating the right resources to these relationships, we can help you prove that your practice is the very best fit for your potential patient’s needs.

Our reputation management service will help to make sure every one of your potential and existing customers gets the same level of customer care. By doing so, we help you create countless brand advocates – and we will actively seek positive reviews from each on your behalf; significantly growing your positive feedback and encouraging referrals.

Content Marketing and Lead Magnets as Part of Your Strategy

When it comes to marketing plastic surgery services, you quickly learn that customers have lots of questions. To answer these questions, they’ll look for information, blog posts, articles, guides, infographics, and much more. Businesses that can provide this information cement themselves in customers’ minds as authorities in their field; surgeons that can be trusted.

When it comes to creating informative information that inspires prospective patients to take action, the team here at Telos can’t be beaten.

We don’t just create outstanding content, we understand how to present it for social media as part of your overall plastic surgery marketing strategy – getting the key points over to your audience in a way that inspires action. Of course, great content gets shared too – and a staggering 90% of consumers trust this kind of ‘word of mouth’ referral vs business advertising.

We’ll make content marketing work for you – and we’ll create the kind of ‘lead magnets’ that encourage people to enquire when they’ve finished reading.

Surgery Website Conversion Optimization and Call to Actions

The efforts we’ve talked about so far do an amazing job of driving inquiries – but what happens when people get your website?

Your website isn’t just there to inform; it should be designed to take each of your potential customers on a journey – from information gathering to making contact.

Your website needs to have excellent customer experience at the forefront of every element – intuitive design that guides your customers through the experience you want them to have. What’s more, the words you use should be carefully crafted to encourage prospective clients to take the next steps. We understand what your target audience is looking for from your website or landing page – and we know how to take them on that all-important journey from anonymous visitor to inquiry with a carefully considered call to action.

Are you ready to fill your patient schedule?

With every passing day, your competitors take further steps with their own online marketing strategies – and their visibility means they’re winning business that could be yours. Get in touch now. We’ll put together a proposal that will help you understand exactly what we can offer – and how we’ll help to drive inquiries through the roof.

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