Healthcare Digital Marketing

Services designed to help physician practices target the types of patients they want to fill their schedule with.

Medical Online Marketing Services

In today’s competitive healthcare digital market, you need to keep an edge up on your competition. 

Medical online marketing can help you target specific types of patients that bring profit to your bottom line.

Put patients on your Practice schedule

Digital Marketing Designed To Fill Your Schedule

We have the easiest most effective way to fill your patient schedule. Let us handle the planning and implementation of your healthcare marking plan while you take care of patients.

  • Outrank your competitors in Google search.
  • Be at the top of Google with paid ads that get instant results.
  • Turn prospective people that visit your website into patients.
  • Get rave reviews.

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Google Ads

Google Ads via paid search plays an important part to any physician practices's online marketing strategy whether the practice is large or small. Google Ads is a sure way to make sure you practice shows in the top results of Google


Re-target patients that visit your website by showing them on ads Facebook to draw them back to your website and keep your practice front of mind. People usually need to see an advertisement 5-7 times before making a purchasing decision.

Local SEO

Local SEO can work to help get patients to your waiting room but takes longer to see results then Google Ads. Both are needed to ensure that patients find your medical clinic no matter where they look on Google.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are an important piece of the puzzle for Google Ads. By making landing pages specific to the patients search in Google, you can increase the likelihood of a high conversion rate once patients click on your ads. When patients are just directed to your website or a service page on your website, you loose a lot of control for testing and optimizing without landing pages. It what separates the great marketing companies from the rest.

Patient Content (Lead Magnets)

Create and share assets with your patients that are centered around the questions and content that patients want. Give patients small pieces of content for free designed to capture their contact information and then use email campaigns to keep them engaged with your practice until they are ready to become patients. Examples are ebooks, checklists, etc.

Review / Reputation

In today's landscape of angry patients leaving negative reviews, you, as a practice owner or manager need to be proactive about making sure that patients are leaving positive reviews on Google. Most of your patients love you and your office, so why aren't you making sure that they're telling people?

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