Chiropractic Marketing: Top 10 Marketing Ideas for Your Practice

The chiropractic field has a much smaller market than traditional medical practices; therefore, it requires additional targeted marketing strategies. To be successful, it’s important to generate new leads via online and offline promotions. This can be done through your website or by raising awareness of your brand at a local event.

To get a strong idea as to what it takes to promote your business, here are the top 10 chiropractic marketing ideas that can work.

1. Blog Content

Maintaining a blog should be your top priority when it comes to marketing your chiropractic practice. Not only does it allow you to write and publish posts about your clinic and your field but it also allows you to grow your email list if you can offer your consumers more additional content via emails.

For instance, when someone is having pain in their back and they’re looking for ways to make it better, their search can lead them to your blog post. If you give them the option to subscribe to your blog, this is your chance to send emails with videos and infographics hoping that they find your service as a viable solution to their back pain.

2. Social Media

Social media has a strong effect on marketing, regardless of the type of business you run. For chiropractic marketing strategies, Facebook and Instagram are the two social platforms that can have the biggest impact on bringing in new patients. If you take advantage of their ads and use them to offer free adjustments, you can upsell patients into coming back and paying for your chiropractic services at full price.

With this strategy, it is possible to generate a higher percentage of leads who want to come into your chiropractic clinic and receive their free adjustment. If you provide an excellent service, a chunk of these consumers will schedule future appointments and pay full price, making you a huge profit on your sales ads.

3. Using an Online Scheduling Software

Although it may not be a form of advertising, having a scheduling software like ‘Square Appointments’ can do wonders for your sales because of how many people are unable to schedule appointments during office hours.

With software like ‘Square Appointments’, clients schedule appointments online 24/7 using a cloud-based calendar and receive reminders about their upcoming appointments and reschedule based on your availability – without having to take time out of their workday to call a scheduler or navigate a phone menu system. Plus, using software like this only makes your business look more professional.

4. Create an Inspiring Website

Like all businesses, a chiropractic website should be created with the clients in mind. When a client or a potential customer stumbles on your website, it’s your chance to make a good first impression. You may provide the best service in your region but that doesn’t count for anything unless your website inspires people to consider your service. Clients and potential customers want to work with somebody who is professional and takes pride in their work. If a well-designed website makes a good first impression, it can make all the difference.

5. Email Newsletters

Not only is this marketing idea inexpensive but it’s also extremely effective in building your credibility and increasing engagement. Creating a substantial email list is crucial for any business and having a chiropractic service is no different. When you effectively send out email newsletters, you can create a trusting relationship with your clients.

The art of email marketing is to not harass your clients with constant sales pitches. If you send frequent emails that do not contain sales pitches and advertisements, your audience won’t regard you as an eager spammer. When it comes to the time to send out an email newsletter, you gain the trust of your clients and potential customers.

6. A Referral Program

This is a great marketing idea for a service-based business, especially a chiropractic office. Offering a program like ‘Refer a Friend’ is a great way to spread the word about your business and generate more leads. The person who is giving the referral might receive a free appointment or perhaps a discount. This gives them an incentive to go out and spread the word. Word-of-mouth is an influential factor with local businesses so it’s important to take advantage of it when you can.

7. Sponsor Wellness Seminars for Local Businesses

With more employees valuing health-related perks, businesses have reacted by providing more opportunities for employees to participate in wellness activities. If you can sponsor a wellness seminar, it automatically builds your credibility within your community, establishing your business as the leading chiropractic service in your area.

During these seminars, you have the opportunity to provide free samples of your services to the participants which, in turn, increases your chances of gaining future sales.

8. Encourage Clients to Leave Reviews

If you get frequent positive reviews from your clients, it builds your reputation which is a wonderful way to grow your business. A great online tool to use is ‘Podium’. It allows you to request and manage reviews across twenty review sites. This allows you to see how your practice is doing and what can be improved – all in one dashboard. According to Podium’s site, practices that use Podium have seen up to 15 times more reviews and a dramatic increase in walk-ins.

9. Being Mobile

Evidence suggests that more and more people are using their mobile phones as their primary way to surf the internet so your online presence has to appeal to a mobile user. This is a key marketing strategy because if you don’t have this in place, you lose out on potential clients. Mobile access ensures that people can simply use their phone to head to your site and schedule an appointment within seconds.

10. Office Pamphlets

Having pamphlets in the office is a great way to boost awareness of your services and allows you to teach patients about the conditions you’re able to help them with.

If you are placing valuable, well-detailed information about your services in a brochure that’s easy to read, you have the opportunity to attract more customers to your door, especially if they find out that there are promotional giveaways.


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