How Utilizing Dental Technology Can Create a Better Patient Experience

We’ve come a long way since the Wild West days of pulling teeth with pliers and other painful, tedious practices. Thanks to advancements in technology, most routine dental work can now be performed pain-free with quicker recovery time and less risk of side effects from the procedures. Here are a few ways that dental technology has transformed the patient experience for the better.

Better Accuracy

In the old days of dentistry, the only way to diagnose cavities or other damage to the teeth was through a visual examination. Obviously, this had all sorts of pitfalls in the realm of human error including difficulty detecting decay that might be hard to see with the naked eye. In the 1980s, though, laser technology made its debut in dental clinics around the country. Lasers offer a more accurate and pain-free treatment experience than the traditional noisy drills that have frightened patients for decades. The process of diagnosing dental issues has been streamlined by technology as well. Digital x-rays accurately diagnose dental decay while emitting low radiation, which can help prevent serious dental problems from arising or getting worse. With more accurate technology, you can ensure people know your dental practice is a reputable place to go.

Saves Time

Time spent in the waiting and examination room is one of the most common complaints about dental practices. Often in the past, patients would plan to free up an entire morning or afternoon even for a routine procedure such as cleaning. The work was often painstaking and time-consuming. Proper diagnostic and treatment equipment (lasers, intra-oral cameras, digital x-rays, optical scanners, etc.) that utilizes the latest technology can shave minutes or even hours off of a patient’s visit. Not only does this increase patient satisfaction, but it also enables the clinic to provide needed care to more patients.

Easier Referrals

Your main goal in the medical field, no matter the concentration, is to ensure your patients are the healthiest they can be and that if not, they can receive the care they need to. With newer dental technology, you can focus on maintaining your referral network. You want to make sure you have people you can refer patients to right away, and partners who would refer you as well. Use this technology to keep in contact with related fields, such as Orthodontics or ENT, to help your patient feel supported.

The internet revolution has opened a pandora’s box of exciting new dental technology that makes what we’ve seen so far look like baby steps. It is easy to foresee a future with nearly perfect diagnosis and treatment of all dental problems using artificial intelligence and even higher-end imaging than what we currently have.

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