10 Top Plastic Surgery Marketing Tips For Your Practice

Plastic surgery practices depend on marketing to find new clients and interest past clients in the most exciting new procedures. If you have had trouble drawing in new patients lately, it may be because you just need to refresh the way that you market your services. 

In this guide, you’re going to learn tips that can help you reach clients by taking advantage of all the new ways that search engines and social media allow us to connect to one another. You should:

  • Make Sure Clients Can Find You on Search Engines
  • Build a Plastic Surgery Website around their Expectations
  • Claim Profiles on All Major Directories
  • Focus Your Advertising on High-Value Clients
  • Share Your Best Outcomes on Social Media
  • Devote Some Budget to Videos
  • Establish Authority with Posts about the Services you Provide
  • Connect with Past Patients
  • Encourage Referrals with a Program
  • Promote Your Best Reviews

Let’s look at how you can put these tips into action.

Make Sure Clients Can Find You on Search Engines

Before you put any of the other tips into action, consider what a patient goes through when they’re looking for a plastic center that meets their needs.

In most cases, that search is going to start with a search engine. They’re going to perform a search for “plastic surgery clinics near me,” or perhaps “(plastic surgery procedure) near me.

When the results come up, they’re going to evaluate them on a lot of different factors. Factors like:

  • What results are at the top?
  • Are there reviews, and are they positive?
  • Do the results include images of the clinic and are they encouraging?

One of the consequences of this process is that clinics that don’t rank well in search engines are almost never considered unless they draw traffic from other sources.

Earning a high place in local search results can take a long time, but you can get a good start by:

  • Creating a Google My Business profile
  • Building profiles on major directories of plastic surgeons
  • Populating your website with relevant search terms

Build a Competitive Plastic Surgery Website

Whether you’re drawing in traffic from search engines, social media, or offline efforts, you need to impress them when they arrive on your website. That’s why you should dedicate a reasonable budget to making your website clean, reactive, and encouraging.

Plastic surgery procedures are high cost, so people will expect a premium shine that extends to the website. Invest in a professional web designer with a good portfolio of past work. 

Make sure that your site is free of any errors that might frustrate guests. Site errors can hold you back from ranking in local results in some circumstances, so you must resolve any new ones as quickly as possible. 

Devote Some Budget to Videos

Video content can have a powerful effect. This is especially true for services that are as visually-oriented as cosmetic surgery.

People searching for a plastic surgery provider will be likely to click on video content to see footage of what kind of changes are possible with different procedures.

Before-and-after videos are some of the most effective for plastic surgery clinics. If you can produce videos of how people look before and after procedures, they will serve as much better evidence of your abilities than still images ever could.

Not all content needs to be about patients and the procedures that they’ve experienced. After all, many patients will not want to participate in videos and should not be pressured to do so.

If you want to start creating a regular stream of video content, you can also theme videos around:

  • Going through each of your current procedures
  • Showing people what the process for different procedures looks like
  • Introducing your latest technology coming to your office

Share Your Best Outcomes on Social Media

You should create a social media presence for your plastic surgery clinic. This will give potential clients another place to reach you if you don’t have a solid presence on local searches yet.

There are also many people out there who simply like to find services by using social media. They use factors such as the number of followers you have and your content’s quality to judge whether your credibility.

When you have your social media accounts running, one of the best ways you can bolster your credibility is by sharing your best outcomes. When you do excellent work or receive excellent reviews, you should share them on all of your social media accounts.

These examples show clients what they can expect when they choose your services. 

Encourage Referrals from Satisfied Clients

You should put a program in place to encourage referrals from clients who are happy with your services. People trust reviews that they get from their friends far more than advertising or reviews from strangers.

The best way to start generating these reviews is to put a program in place to encourage it. Some cosmetic surgery centers have done this by offering a small discount for everyone who left a review on either Google My Business or the center’s social media page.

Reach more Plastic Surgery Clients than Ever Before

By following these plastic surgery marketing tips, you can start reaching more clients. These tips will help you take advantage of the power of search engines and social media to reach people where they are most likely to be looking for services.

Remember that it starts with your website, where you’ll be sending all the traffic you attract. Then, you’ll want to take advantage of the power of video content and the credibility it can earn you on social media. Attracting referrals as an additional form of content can be the final key.


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