Female Physician Listening to qualified sales lead To Her Patient During Consultation

Marketing qualified leads (MQL) are important to many businesses as they allow them to track interested website visitors. Traditionally, an MQL is someone who has intentionally engaged with your brand and left their information somewhere on your business platform. This can be done by: Voluntarily submitting contact information on your site. Opting into a program. … Read more

Girl Searching For Doctor On Google On Cell Phone

Approximately 68% of patients begin searching for a physician on the internet. As a physician or medical practice administrator, it’s important you understand how patients find you online. Consider the following five ways patients can find you and how you can improve your visibility during their internet searches.    Paid Search Ads  With the increasing number … Read more

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We’ve come a long way since the Wild West days of pulling teeth with pliers and other painful, tedious practices. Thanks to advancements in technology, most routine dental work can now be performed pain-free with quicker recovery time and less risk of side effects from the procedures. Here are a few ways that dental technology … Read more

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One of the first things that business leaders tend to learn early on is that everything they do matters in the grand scheme of things, even if they don’t see it at first. This not only involves how they carry themselves in business and within their private lives but also who they decide to hire … Read more

Female Physician Listening to a Guide to Driving Healthcare Digital Marketing Success To Her Patient During Consultation

A Failproof Guide to Driving Healthcare Digital Marketing Success The healthcare industry continues to be progressive with its reliance on technology and consumer-centric interface, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t lagging behind other industries. With its duty of care, healthcare organizations must follow certain protocols and regulations. This can leave many doctors, practices, and specialists … Read more

Physician online marketing

Do physicians really need to market their medical practice online? The short answer is yes. All physicians need some sort of online marketing. In today’s online and digital world, almost everyone is searching online and that includes healthcare. In a recent study, 80% internet users search online for health related topics, most being affluent females.It’s … Read more

increase medical practice bottom line with digital marketing

How Digital Marketing Could Increase Your Medical Practice’s Bottom Line The success of your medical practice depends on an aggressive marketing plan to promote it. The traditional word of mouth strategy will help attract new patients to your practice, but the scope of this marketing method is quite limited in this technological era. That is … Read more

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