Free Healthcare Marketing Tools for Social Media

Free Healthcare Marketing Tools for Social Media

Healthcare Marketing Tools for Social Media

You have several social media accounts and it’s taking up a lot of time logging in and out and creating posts within the actual app. It’s very difficult for you to keep track of all of your social media for your medical practice. That’s why we’ve listed some free tools to help you manage all of those different accounts. Social media is a must for all medical practices along with Medical Office PPC and Medical SEO but keeping track of them and posting on a regular schedule can be hard. Our suggestion is to post on a regular basis, think of different things to post, staff work anniversaries, funny things that happen in the office, and patients photos (get the patients consent before posting and also watch for any material that may contain HIPAA information and be visible within the photo). Also, share blog posts. If you aren’t doing blog posts then you should. We can help create ideas and content (check out this re-marketing case study). The key is to try to showcase your individual practice.

Free Social Media Tools for Healthcare:

  1. Buffer
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Canva
  4. Design Wizard
  5. TweetDeck
  6. Google Alerts
  7. BuzzSumo

Buffer or Hootsuite

 We prefer Buffer, It can schedule and share across your doctor office’s social media accounts. Connect up to 3 accounts of any of the following Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn but the Pinterest integration is paid.

Canva and Design Wizard 

 Both of these services offer free and paid ready-made social media posts. These are great to use for a quick holiday post on Facebook or Instagram.


 Chrome extension, IOS or Android app. TweetDeck helps manage your medical practice’s Twitter account by scheduling tweets, organizing Twitter lists, Twitter searches, and hashtags.

Google Alerts 

Add keywords and get an email anytime something shows up on the web. Suggestions include using your practice name and doctors as well as your competitor’s practices names so you can keep track of what is showing on the internet for your practice and doctors and also what your competition is doing.


 Allows you to see trending post by keyword. The free version is limited to the top results, but this could help find some cool blog articles or post to write about. There are also some more robust options. We don’t want to list them here because they are a lot more difficult to master but can do a lot more than the free apps auto scheduling from blogs and keywords, re-sharing old posts, etc. If you want to talk about what apps may help you, feel free to contact us. Social Media can be hard to manage for a medical practice but if you are able to put the time and resources into it, it has a lot more value then paying someone to do it that; has no real knowledge of what you do or has no knowledge of your patients. Our suggestion is to handle it in the practice, have someone in charge of scheduling post, start slow and ramp up as you get the hang of it. Do not try to master every social media platform, start with one where you feel your ideal demographic is and branch out from there.   Telos Digital Marketing is listed as a Top Healthcare Digital Marketing Agencies from Design Rush

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