Why you need Google My business as a doctor

Why you need Google My business as a doctor

Reasons Why Your Google My Business Profile Is Important To Growing Your Medical Practice

As a doctor, you’ve taken the clinical route, and you want to grow your practice. One way to do that is by managing your online reputation. You want people looking for a doctor to be able to find you. Your Google My Business profile plays a part. It’s one way you can attract local leads, without paying. Typically, advertising costs money, and that is just one reason why your Google My Business profile is essential to your medical practice.

It’s already been mentioned that GMB is a free marketing tool and resource for you as a physician. Merely having your medical practice listed is just part of the equation. You want your profile filled out completely and correctly, and you want the content optimized for the search engines.

One of the significant benefits of Google My Business is that your profile plays a considerable part in patients finding your facility. Your practice also benefits from better search visibility. Ultimately, you want to be in that grouping of three clinics that appears at the top of a results page when a patient performs a search.

Your GMB profile provides patients with helpful information, including your hours of operation, directions, photos and even a ‘call now’ button, making it easy for people to contact you and make an appointment. You also want to provide a description of your practice and the services you offer at your facility.

With a GMB profile, you are also providing for better accessibility via all devices, whether patients are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Are you familiar with Google Hangouts? GMB, in general, opens up another avenue of communication with prospective patients.

There is also an insights tab available to you that can be a valuable resource. You want to keep tabs on your visibility, and the same goes for engagement with your audience. You can make posts and then see how your audience is reacting to them. Some tools can help you gain customer insight on different levels, and that insight is precious to your practice.

You can also gain insight when it comes to your site traffic. There is a Google Analytics tool for you to use and not only that, but you can use tools to help you encourage reviews. You know these online reviews can be helpful, and you can also respond to the reviews left by your patients. Past patients leaving online reviews can play a huge role in you getting more new patients soon.

GMB provides you with quite a few tools and resources that can tie everything together for you, especially when it comes to Google’s services. You want to make the most of what Google has to offer when you’re trying to get the attention of people performing online searches. Now you know more about how a Google My Business profile can help you attract new patients. Your profile can definitely play a part in your growing your medical practice into the future.

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