Millions of people use search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing every day. Many of those internet searches are for services and information on health and medical industry topics. In the internet marketing industry, the words and phrases that search engine users type in to search with are called “keywords.”

When starting to market your medical website with SEO or PPC advertising, it is essential that you know the keywords that you should be targeting. For example, you may have a site that is selling products or services related to fibromyalgia. While you may initially think to target the keyword “fibromyalgia” or even “fibromyalgia treatment,” some good keyword research my show you that a phrase like “how to exercise with fibromyalgia” is worth targeting too.

There are a few things that people look for when doing keyword research. The first thing is if anyone searches the keyword. Some keywords can get hundreds of thousands of searches per month, while some may only get 10 searches per month. However, there is also a competition component for both SEO search rankings and for advertisements. Some keywords may have so much competition that it costs far more than your budget to compete with other firms targeting the keywords. On the flip side, proper keyword research can reveal keywords that are much cheaper to focus and yield a decent amount of traffic.

Another part of proper keyword research is looking for terms related to your product or service. You may be looking for ophthalmology clients so it can be wise to target terms that are related to general eye care keywords.

Regarding measuring the competition of a keyword, it is also useful to look at who is competing with you. Often times, many of the competitors can be easy to beat. For SEO, while some sites may seem like a hard competition, it can be straightforward to outrank a Facebook page or a brand new website. Likewise, for PPC, specific tools can show that some of the competitors for certain ads may not be running very high budgets.

Once the keyword research has been done, using the analysis will depend on the type of marketing you plan on doing. If you plan on conducting an SEO campaign, you need to have good content related to the keywords crafted to boost your ranking potential. You also need to make sure each page is optimized. If you plan on a PPC campaign, good content is also essential, but it needs to be written in a way that can funnel the traffic you pay for into a direct conversion or lead. With both types having methods of staying in touch with the traffic, such as an email list, is extremely important.

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